Hybrid Nail of The Studio Women Wroclaw

Services of The Studio Women Wroclaw

The Studio Women Wroclaw specializes in offering unique nail design for women. The dream and passion of the owner is to create a nice, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where women from every corner of the world can come and have fascinating designs on their nails.

The Studio Women Wroclaw offers breath-taking designs on user’s nail. They have a well furnished beauty studio and located in Wroclaw. Majorly, the Studio Women Wroclaw specializes in hybrid nails and gel nails.

Do you desire very pretty nails, but do not have the free time to spend at the nail studio? Are you used to having your manicure at home, but the best you do usually vanish from your nail in a couple of days? Then you should attend the hybrid Manicure. You are guaranteed to effortlessly get a beautiful hands with lasting effect.

What is a hybrid Manicure?

Generally, a hybrid manicure is a method of beautifying the nail, that utilizes a combination of two very well known method of cosmetic preparations: nail lacquer and a manicure gel.

Generally, Hybrid nails are durable, and last longer. Even after 2 weeks, they still maintain their beautiful color. They look very natural and much more resistant to damage. Additionally, the paint does not chip off. This is the sort of nail service offered at the Studio Women Wroclaw. Additional info can be gotten via the webpage www.studiowomen.pl


Important Facts to note About Hybrid nails

Before you decide to go for the Hybrid nail at the Studio Women Wroclaw, you should take note of the following:

  • Nails finished using a hybrid method is usually very durable. Thus the issue of unstable paints is out of the question.
  • With an hybrid nail, the effect can last for as long as 3 weeks, after which one can have the manicure again.
  • The extension of the nail is not possible, one of the main disadvantage of the hybrid nail.
  • Wash manicure hybrid is only possible through the use of a special remover based on acetone.
  • Manicure done with nail hybrid are usually nice and natural in appearance. Shiny with much classic appearance.



The Hybrid nails might not be for everyone

There are some contradictions that might occur with the use of the of hybrid nail disorder. These are;

  • Dermatophyte infections
  • fungi and yeast niedermatofitowymi

Also, women that are struggling with fragile as well as susceptible to fractures nails, are advised not to consider the hybrid nail manicure

Therefore before you decide to visit a beautician, or when you get to the Studio Women Wroclaw, they will look at your nails thoroughly.

– Visible on the nail plate furrows, folds and linear subungual petechiae

– Discoloration after trauma

– Concave nail plate, which recesses are visible

– Nail separates from the bearing

– Thickening and hypertrophy of the nail plate

– Discolored tiles

The Studio Women Wroclaw opens from Monday to Saturday 9:00 – 20:00, although this varies at times. But should you desire to reach the Studio Women Wroclaw for emergencies, you can call Tel. 604 708 353. Detailed information on any of their services can be gotten via their webpage at www.studiowomen.pl







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